ASB, Halal & Haram

Berdasarkan laporan tahunan ASB 2013, berikut merupakan 20 pelaburan tertinggi:


Pelaburan tidak patuh shariah adalah Maybank 21.33%.

Penanda aras 33.33% digunapakai bagi menentukan samada sesuatu perkara berlebihan, sepertimana rujukan SAC (Shariah Advisory Council) bagi menentukan keadaan “berlebihan” (percampuran):

The prophet s.a.w. set a limit for what can be considered as benchmard for what is excessive. “One day, the prophet s.a.w. visited Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas who was ill. Sa’ad expressed to the prophet s.a.w. his feelings that his illness was coming to an end and that death was near. He asked for the prophet’s s.a.w. opinon on giving his property away as alms for he had only one daughter to inherit his wealth. Therefore, he wished to give as alms 2/3 of his property. However, the prophet s.a.w. stated his objection. Then Sa’ad asked whether he could give away 1/2 of his property. The prophet s.a.w. still said no. The prophet s.a.w. then said: 1/3 (of Sa’ad’s property to give away as alms) is enough, that too is still much. Verily, to leave your heir wealthy is better than leave your heir impoverished and dependant on other people’s charity”. This benchmark, the third, although it relates to the bequest of property and giving alms, it can be used as a benchmark to set the upper limit of a mixture becuase an amount exceeding the percentage set will be considered excessive.

Laldin, M.A, (2007), “Shari’ah Approved Securities Screening Process in Malaysia” p.148, A paper submitted to the conference on Securities Markets & Bourses held in Dunbi 6-8 March 2007; Resolutions of the Securities Commission Shari’ah Advisory Council, Securities Council Malaysia, p. 126

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