Honda CRV vs. Kia Sorento vs. Subaru XV vs. Kia Sportage (2013)

Honda CRV
Length: 4545mm
Width: 1820mm
Height: 1685mm
Engine: DOHC 4 Cylinder 16 Valve i-VTEC
Displacement: 2354cc
Fuel tank: 58L
Max. output: 140[190] @ 7,000 rpm
Max. torque: 222(22.6) @ 4,400 rpm
Tyre size: 225 / 60 R18

Kia Sorento
Length: 4671mm
Width: 1884mm
Height: 1709mm
Displacement: 2359cc
Fuel tank: 70L
Max. output: 131 kw (176 ps)/6,000 rpm
Max. torque: 227 Nm (23.1 kg.m)/3,750 rpm
Tyre size: 235/55 R18

Subaru XV
Length: 4450mm
Width: 1780mm
Height: 1615mm
Engine: DOHC 16-valve, 4-cylinder
Displacement: 1955cc
Fuel tank: 60L
Max. output: 110 kW (150 PS) / 6,200 rpm
Max. torque: 196 Nm (20.0 kgfm) / 4,200 rpm
Tyre size: 225/55 R17

Kia Sportage
Length: 4440mm
Width: 1854mm
Height: 1636mm
Displacement: 1998cc
Fuel tank: 55L
Max. output: 122 kw (166 ps)/6,200 rpm
Max. torque: 197 Nm (20.1 kg.m)/4,600 rpm
Tyre size: 235/55 R18

Mazda CX5
Length: 4555mm
Width: 1840mm
Height: 1670mm
Engine: In-line 4-cylinder DOHC, 16-valve
Displacement: 1997cc
Fuel tank: 58L
Max. output: 113/6000 (kw/rpm)
Max. torque: 198/4000 (Nm/rpm)
Tyre size: 225/65 R17

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