Installing OpenVPN on Windows 2008 VPS

After the recent install of OpenVPN on Windows 2008, I learned at least 2 important things with it. Normal installation, almost anyone can do it, but there are things that I learned from tries and errors.

Download the installation files from OpenVPN download website.

Then follow this guidelines by OpenVPN community website.

I managed to install OpenVPN, up to the assignment of IP by server to the client. But the problems are:

1. Web requests not routed to VPN.

2. No internet connection (my intention was to have me browsing from client using the public IP of VPN as my identity).

3. There are errors on server saying “bad source address from client”.

At first, I thought problem #3 is somewhat related to #2, but they are not.

How to make it works?

1. Using server directive. Add ‘push “redirect-gateway def1″‘ to server.ovpn.

2. Share the internet connection to other users – manage network connections, right click, “Sharing” tab, tick share. Be sure to do this on the actual network adapter, not the TAP one. If not allowed, be sure to stop the Routing and Remote Access Service and disable it.

3. On client, on the TAP network connection, right click, properties, then untick IPV6.

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