RSS Feed Widget: Error!

You might be searching for the answer to the following error:
“Error: could not find an RSS or ATOM feed at that URL.”

After googled it out, and went to WordPress support forum (some of them even left unanswered), I found the following solution. i did and it solved my problem.

This solution worked for me when I was getting the same error. It can be found on this thread:

The instructions I followed were:

1. Download the latest magpieRSS package from here:

There’s a lot of files in this tarred and gzipped archive. You only need the four .inc files in the root directory.

2. Dump,, and into the wp-includes directory.

3. Near the beginning of, change the call to to this:

require_once( MAGPIE_DIR . ‘class-snoopy.php’);

This will work as class-snoopy.php is already in the wp-includes directory and there’s no need to install the extlib directory.

4. Rename to rss.php and overwrite existing rss.php file in wp-includes with the new file

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