Using SIP Phone with Nokia E71

Just a quick info on how to setup a sip account on Nokia E71. Original article is here.

Go to Tools – Settings – Connection -SIP settings – Create the
following profile

Profile Name: sipphone
Service Profile: IETF
Default Access point: (your WLAN AP name )
Public user name:
Use Compression: No
Registration: ” When needed ”
Use Security: No

Proxy Server: sip:
User Name: 1747xxxxxxx
Password: [You SIPPhone password]
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport Type: TCP
Port: 5060

Registrar Server:
User Name: 1747xxxxxxx
Password: [Your SIPPhone password]
Transport Type: TCP
Port: 5060

Then go to connection – Internet Tel. Settings –
Create a new profile for “sipphone”(1747xxxxxxx), name it “sipphone”
In Connectivity – Internet tel. – Preferred profile – Choose “sipphone”

Then go back to Connection – SIP settings – sipphone and change the Registration from ( when needed ) to ( Always on ) now your phone will register to the
Gizmo network .

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