5 minutes experience at Digi Store

I am writing this because I was impressed by the most simple process I have ever been to any telco outlet. It just took simple 5 minutes or less process cycle for me to change from Celcom to Digi.

Today I was at Kuantan Digi Store and it is quite different from the last time I was there. No more bulky counter desk and no ques. Upon entering the store, a lady took my name and just a few seconds after that a guy called me and then I explained what I wanted to do. He informed me that Digi now is counterless and paperless, while keying in my details into his tab.

The guy helped me with few postpaid plans;


– unlimited calls

– 20Gb data


– unlimited calls

– 10Gb data


– unlimited calls

– 2Gb data

Nice! I concluded my choice and got the sim card immediately. A text message will be sent to my number and I just need to reply ‘yes’. Activation will be done by Digi within few days after that.

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