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My initial plan was to get Garmin 5S Plus on my hand, but after some reconsideration after meeting an Amazfit friend, I changed my mind and quickly click on Gearbest and ordered Amazfit GTR.

2 things that make up the reasons for Garmin 5S Plus – running and golfing. However, realizing that I will not need golfing map that much (who would anyway?) I just scrap the idea of getting that multisport smartwatch.

So now Amazfit GTR is with me, I’m just sharing some information that might be useful to some of us.

My first challenge was the process to pair Amazfit GTR with Amazfit app on my android phone – Note 9. It went little bit tricky and I stucked at the step when Amazgit app on the phone was expecting to read a QR code that was suppose to be displayed on the smartwatch face. The watch just idle and nothing displayed, just a message telling me to pair the watch with phone.

Here the things that I did. Uninstall Amazfit app, delete the data, reset watch to factory settings (second button, press and hold it). That will solve the pairing issue.

In term of the functions, it comes with some predefined sports mode such as outdoor running, walking, outdoor cucling, threadmill, indoor cycling, open water swimming, pool swimming, climbing, trail running, skiing and exercises.

I have been using this watch for about a week, and have never recharged the battery yet. It is said that the stand by time for Amazfit GTR can last up to 70 days.

Well thats some sharing for today.

  • Siow Chiew Fah

    23/10/2019 at 1:15 pm

    Hi, do you face problem when changing watch face?

    I have GTR and Note 9. Everytime tried changing watch face, the sync process will failed and watch reboot. All app and FW update to the latest.


    • Basri MY

      25/10/2019 at 8:01 pm

      I only change watch face using 2 default ones. So far not a problem.


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