Amazfit GTR – simple review

My initial plan was to get Garmin 5S Plus on my hand, but after some reconsideration after meeting an Amazfit friend, I changed my mind and quickly click on Gearbest and ordered Amazfit GTR.

2 things that make up the reasons for Garmin 5S Plus – running and golfing. However, realizing that I will not need golfing map that much (who would anyway?) I just scrap the idea of getting that multisport smartwatch.

So now Amazfit GTR is with me, I’m just sharing some information that might be useful to some of us.

My first challenge was the process to pair Amazfit GTR with Amazfit app on my android phone – Note 9. It went little bit tricky and I stucked at the step when Amazgit app on the phone was expecting to read a QR code that was suppose to be displayed on the smartwatch face. The watch just idle and nothing displayed, just a message telling me to pair the watch with phone.

Here the things that I did. Uninstall Amazfit app, delete the data, reset watch to factory settings (second button, press and hold it). That will solve the pairing issue.

In term of the functions, it comes with some predefined sports mode such as outdoor running, walking, outdoor cucling, threadmill, indoor cycling, open water swimming, pool swimming, climbing, trail running, skiing and exercises.

I have been using this watch for about a week, and have never recharged the battery yet. It is said that the stand by time for Amazfit GTR can last up to 70 days.

Well thats some sharing for today.

Solved – WordPress app on android error “failed to insert media”

It has been quite a while since my last time my attempt to add new blog post from WordPress app on android was successful. The error is about the failure for WordPress app to upload new media to the server. Google’s answer not really helping, especially on the XMLRPC thing – actually it was not related to XMLRPC.

Here are the things that I did:

  1. Uninstall the app from my android device.
  2. Make a new fresh install.
  3. Give permission to the app (storage permission) – don’t worry you will be guided by the app.

Hope this entry will help for those who are looking for solution to the same problem. Nothing fancy though.

Asri Ahmad Academy – The Protege

Entry kali ini selain sebagai percubaan untuk mengatasi masalah media error yang selalu berlaku bilamana saya menggunakan WordPress App, tetapi sebagai update berkenaan projek terbaru saya sebagai share trader.

Saya baru kembali dari kursus The Protege di Kota Bharu selama 3 hari. Kursus dikendalikan oleh Tn. Hj Asri dan beberapa orang pembantu.

Apa yang dapat dikatakan kursus ini menepati expectation dan Tn. Hj Asri telah memberikan komitmen terbaik beliau. Beliau merupakan pakar dalam bidang ini dan telah bergelumang dalam bidang saham sekian lama.

Saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada beliau dan berharap ilmu yang dipelajari dapat membantu saya mendalami bidang baru ini. Bagi yang baru nak berjinak dan mencari testimoni, saya boleh katakan anda patut hadir ke kursus ini dan ambil peluang untuk belajar dari Tn. Hj Asri.

#khabarbaik dari TM – semua pengguna streamyx dapat penjimatan

Akhirnya apa yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh para pengguna Streamyx (perkhidmatan internet legasi dari TM berasaskan capaian tembaga) bakal tiba. Bermula September 2019, semua pengguna kediaman yang masih menggunakan Streamyx akan menikmati sewa kadar rata RM69 untuk semua pakej.

Apa tindakan yang sepatutnya dilakukan selepas ini?

  1. Bagi yang masih menggunakan pakej 1mbps, 2mbps, 4mbps … silakan upgrade pakej kepada 8mbps atau 10mbps kerana selepas ini semua pakej ini hanya ada satu kadar sewa iaitu RM69 sebulan. Ini adalah masa untuk upgrade keada pakej lebih tinggi.
  2. Bagi yang dalam kawasan Streamyx dan masih belum subscribe kerana harga sebelum ini mahal, sila subscribe sekarang untuk ambil peluang sewa kadar rata RM69. Sebab selepas ini anda tak jumpa sewa RM69 ni (kadar ni kekal selamanya), selepas Ogos kadar sewa adalah RM89.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi, lakukan apa yang harus dilakukan sebelum terlewat.

Golf scorecard – MGCC & Royal Pahang

Saya telah menambah baik aplikasi golf scorecard dengan menambah 2 course baru selain Kelab Rekreasi Tentera Udara Kuantan. Tambahan baru ini melibatkan Mahkota Golf & Country Club (MGCC) dan juga Royal Pahang Golf Club (RPGC).

Selain itu terdapat pengiraan kepala dan ekor (head/tail) bagi menambahkan variasi permainan. Variasi pengiraan ini diharap dapat memeriahkan lagi permainan golf hujung minggu rakan-rakan golfer semua. Sila pastikan golfer A dan B dalam buggy yang sama, C dan D dalam buggy satu lagi.

Amaran: sila jangan gunakan aplikasi ini untuk tujuan pertaruhan (berjudi dilarang agama).

Share Posts on Whatsapp – how to customize this plugin?

This is a quick fix on WordPress plugin called ‘Share Posts on Whatsapp’ by Aftab Husain. I have been using this plugin for quite sometime and it did not give me much problem. But it’s lack the facility to limit the sharing button to only posts, or to only pages.

I took a look at the coding and actually it can be further customized, such as limiting the sharing button to only blog posts (not pages). In the plugin folder, notice that there is a file called ‘share-post-on-whatsapp.php’. Edit the file and find this line:

$html = $html . "<div class='clear '></div></div>";

Add this new line under it:


Save the file and you will notice Whatsapp button not displayed on pages anymore.

Malaysia unlimited mobile plan revisited

It’s time for a refreshment for new mobile plans – the unlimited packages. When it is unlimited it means particularly unlimited data, calls & should be the SMS too! Here is the link for 2018 compilation.

Now let’s take a look on 2019 unlimited mobile data plans from some of our Celcos:

DIGI offers unlimited mobile data in 2 plans:

  1. Postpaid 100 Infinite – RM100/monthly, unlimited calls, 300 SMS (data capped at 10 Mbps speed)
  2. Postpaid 150 Infinite – RM150/monthly, unlimited calls, 1000 SMS (LTE data speed)

Celcom does not offer any unlimited mobile data plan, the best nearest plans are:

  1. Gold Supreme 50GB – RM128/monthly, 25GB weekday + 25GB weekend, unlimited calls
  2. Platinum 60GB – RM148/monthly, 30GB weekday + 30GB weekend, unlimited calls
  3. Platinum Plus 100GB – RM188/monthly, unlimited calls

Maxis is a little bit on the higher side when it is compared to pricing from others:

  1. MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM158/monthly, 50GB data, unlimited calls & SMS
  2. MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM188/monthly, 60GB data, unlimited calls & SMS

However if you need the best alternative for unlimited package in term of ‘wallet consideration’, consider Unifi Mobile:

  1. Unifi Mobile 99 – RM99/monthly, unlimited data, calls & SMS
  2. Unifi Mobile Jasa Pack – RM59/monthly, unlimited data, calls & SMS (for government servants & SME employees)

We will be adding more options. Subscribe to our mailing list.

Unlimited SMS blast engine in Malaysia

This is a quick update.

If you ever need an unlimited postpaid mass SMS blast engine then a serious consideration should be given to TM Infoblast product.

For end users;

  1. There is web based interfaced for mass SMS sending
  2. There is also windows based standalone program that can serve the purpose.
  3. Import and export phonebookp facility.
  4. Scheduled sending.
  5. Voice sending.
  6. Number masking.
  7. Receiving replies.
  8. etc

For developers;

  1. TM Infoblast can be programmed via API calls.
  2. It is postpaid & unlimited.
  3. It’s easy!

PM me should you need any assistance with this arrangement.

How to display your instagram photos in events by hashtag

Not so long time ago, maybe few years, I used to use a third party software in order to display a collection of photos from Instagram sharing the same #hashtag. The purpose is to add more fun to the event, so our guest can have their selfies or wefies on instagram, put a common #hashtag to it, then boom!.. their pictures are display on the event big screens or somewhere.

But few weeks back, I noticed that this service is not around anymore. Got info somewhere that Instagram already limit their API and that kind of operation is not allowed anymore.

But I was in rush to get the #hashtag display done. So I decided to have my own service for this purpose. It will be used in a single day, and our aim is to get it done at minimum cost.. or FREE. Ok I chose to have it done at no cost.

Here are the elements needed:

  1. A web server with public IP address (well it can be local IP, but as I said I need it quite urgent and the development environment and real event were different locations, so I need the server to be publicly accessible). Guess what? A Google Cloud VM will do. So I just pick one, configure with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). Make sure to have the web server running at this point so you get http://ipaddress/ working fine.
  2. Not to forget, install composer on the server.
  3. Then I need a fast script. I did not want to write my own, I need it fast, so I searched Github and found some good scripts for this purpose). Here is the script that I used. So I went straight to searchMediabyHash.php for this purpose.
require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

$instagram = \InstagramScraper\Instagram::withCredentials('username', 'password', '/path/to/cache/folder');

$medias = $instagram->getMediasByTag('youneverknow', 20);
$media = $medias[0];
echo "Media info:\n";
echo "Id: {$media->getId()}\n";
echo "Shortcode: {$media->getShortCode()}\n";
echo "Created at: {$media->getCreatedTime()}\n";
echo "Caption: {$media->getCaption()}\n";
echo "Number of comments: {$media->getCommentsCount()}";
echo "Number of likes: {$media->getLikesCount()}";
echo "Get link: {$media->getLink()}";
echo "High resolution image: {$media->getImageHighResolutionUrl()}";
echo "Media type (video or image): {$media->getType()}";
$account = $media->getOwner();
echo "Account info:\n";
echo "Id: {$account->getId()}\n";
echo "Username: {$account->getUsername()}\n";
echo "Full name: {$account->getFullName()}\n";
echo "Profile pic url: {$account->getProfilePicUrl()}\n";

4. I could not get the above code working at first, until I commented out this line:


5. Customizing an HTML file to self refresh every 5 minutes, so It will fetch newly tagged photos as long as the event is running.

6. To make it better look, I used WOWSlider. It’s a windows standalone program, so I get it running, picked a template and have it run on some dummy photos, then configured the given code to fetch photos from Instagram.