BullionVault: How to Start with FREE 1 gram of Gold

People are getting interested more in gold compared to savings, bonds, mutual funds, foreign exchange etc? It should be. Gold is always the best hedging option against the inflation. But how do we do with gold? Buying physical gold in bars, coins or getting into gold savings option? Most importantly is how to get involved with ups and downs of the gold price and make profit during this hard time?  Is there a system where people can easily do gold buying when the price is low and sell it back so easily, without getting anywhere except in front of your PC?

BullionVault is the answer!

BullionVault is an internet gold bullion exchange and physical storage provider, founded in 2005 by Paul Tustain. It is owned by Galmarley Ltd. and based in London, United Kingdom. Purchased gold is held in personally allocated storage with Via Mat International in either London, New York or Zurich depending on the client’s preference. BullionVault’s commission charges range from 0.8% to 0.02%, and its custody charge (or gold storage fee) is 0.12% per annum, with a $4 monthly minimum charge.

Clients of BullionVault hold their gold in vaults controlled by BullionVault, thereby creating a legal bailment. This is different from most other online gold facilities, which purport to create a digital gold currency.

BullionVault enables users to buy and sell their gold at prices set by them, ensuring an open and competitive 24/7 market. To prevent money laundering BullionVault asks new clients to provide proof of identity and address. Also unlike digital gold currency, they do not allow the direct transfer of gold units between user accounts unless they are sold via the exchange facility. This contrasts with digital gold currency which may act as electronic money. BullionVault also undertakes a daily audit to reconcile every client’s holdings against the latest bar lists and bank statements.

As of 7th October 2008 and according to their website, BullionVault held 9’476 kg (304’656 troy ounces) of gold in storage.

Get involved with gold trading at BullionVault now. Registration is easy and can be completed with minutes. Here is step-by-step guides on how you can get started:

1. Register BullionVault account here.

2. Login to your account, you will notice a FREE 1 gram of gold is already in your gold storage. Notice also you have $0 currency. The statement shows that your gold is held at Zurich.

3. You may want to try selling this gold. Now click “MARKET” button on the top area of the page. Filter the vault to Zurich because this the vault where your gold is. Notice that the green button with blinking selling price. You may want to take sometime to realize which price is higher. Our objective is to sell high. Or you can click the chart and get the idea of high/low price from there. But for now in order to sell, click on the SELL button on the right panel. Be sure to have the following values in the sell form:

Gold vault: Zurich

Currency: Dollars

Price per kg: Eg. 29000 (depends on current market)

Quantity (kg): 0.001 (this is the free gold given during registration)

Order value: leave it as is

Then click SELL/OFFER and then confirm.

You will receive an email fron BullionVault when the gold is successfully sold.

4. When sold, you will notice that your account statement shows some values in currency. This is the available fund that you have in order to buy gold. Remember we want to buy gold at low price. So click BUY button on the right panel. Fill in the form:

Gold vault: Zurich (you can select London or New York as well)

Currency: Dollars

Price per kg: Eg. 28000 (depends on current market)

Quantity (kg): 0.001

Order value: leave it as is

Then click BUY/BID and then confirm.

An email will bes sent when the order is successful.

5. Now just repeat BUY and SELL and that’s about it.

To get instructions with some pictures please visit my web page here. To register for BullionVault and get FREE 1 gram of gold today please click here.

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  2. altinfiyatlari365 03/11/2011 at 6:05 am

    Is this system realy safe? and can we use paypal account? It is interesting

  3. altinfiyatlari365 03/11/2011 at 6:04 am

    Is this system realy safe? and can we use paypal account?


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