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Unlimited SMS blast engine in Malaysia

This is a quick update. If you ever need an unlimited postpaid mass SMS blast engine then a serious consideration should be given to TM Infoblast product. For end users; There is web based interfaced for mass SMS sending There is also windows based standalone program that can serve the purpose. Import and export phonebookp […]

Working fail2ban with asterisk and freepbx

It is my first install and luckily with some Googling I managed to get it working. It’s running on Ubuntu 14.04, Freepbx and asterisk 13.21. Here is some info on the configuration, assuming you had managed to get fail2ban installed and freepbx/asterisk running for now. 1. Configure /etc/fail2ban/jail.local for asterisk: [asterisk-tcp] enabled = true […]

Dropbox API – PHP function for file download

A complete documentation can be found on Dropbox API page. Dropbox already stop supporting PHP SDK for the API, thus I googled for guidance but unfortunately not so many references for the working code and finally I got it working with try and error method. My intention is as below:- 1. Get a webhook notification […]

WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress backup is a must for everyone, just in case a deadly disaster happen. A good backup plugin should be able to backup the whole site together with the database, local backup and offsite backup. It should be automatically run and also allow manual action. Based on WPBeginner post, I went through some of the […]

Example for Twilio SMS Send

require “twilio-php-master/Services/Twilio.php”; //should be available in your twilio dashboard $AccountSid = “AC0715xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”; $AuthToken = “4973yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”; $client = new Services_Twilio($AccountSid, $AuthToken); $message = $client->account->messages->create(array( “From” => “+123456789”, //should be twilio SMS enabled number “To” => “+9988766555”, //valid target number with + “Body” => “test message”, )); echo “Sent message {$message->sid}”; }

Google Webmaster Tools – crawl error “HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found”

Symptoms: The URL is loadable via normal browsers. However Google Webmaster Tools report crawl error of “not found”. When fetched as Google, it will return “HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found” instead of “HTTP/1.1 200 OK”. Cause: I was including WordPress “wp-blog-header.php” in my script such as: require(“subfolder/wp-blog-header.php”); This is the only reason. This is the code […]