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Internet Explorer, Stack Over Flow, Runonce

I got a problem browsing my office intra application using IE8. It keeps saying about “stack over flow” etc etc. Googling it around I found that it’s something about IE8 compatibility. So I decided to rollback to IE7. New problem happened when the browser bypass my homepage and go to and I got an […]

TiltViewer, PicasaWeb & PHP Script

I got to know about TiltViewer from Visual-Blast. Thanks to the author for the useful information. TiltViewer is a free flash application by Airtight Interactive for online picture gallery. At first, I thought I need to reupload my gallery to my web hosting account in order for TiltViewer to work, but I found out that […]

Free Short URL & Click Tracking

I have an old domain name which is online but do nothing except an old boring web directory with few links in it. An advertising client on my other website one day asked me why the click-through to his campaign was a little ‘low’ and he wanted me to suggest some solutions. Surprised by […]

How to unisntall VBSEO and not loosing the visitors?

This is a VBulletin tips to owners who used VBSEO url rewriting add-on but later would like to uninstall it for any reasons. After using VBSEO for quite sometime, and your forum URL already indexed by search engines, uninstalling VBSEO will make you loosing the visitors. Here is what I did, for example your VBSEO […]