Coba-coba beli IPO – Reach Energy Berhad


IPO ni tarikh tutupnya esok 4/8/2014 pukul 5pm.

First time beli IPO, tangan pun bergegar masa nak click confirm purchase. Harapnya nanti terpilih ler…nak juga saya merasa apa benda IPO ni. Orang dah lama dah buat ni, tapi gua baru nak coba-coba. Better late than never.

Sedikit info cerapan dari internet berkenaan IPO Reach ni.

1bil shares for IPO
980mils share for private investor

20mils share open for public
10mils of 20mils will be for bumi investor
10mils balance open for all.

ipo price RM0.75
Free 1 warrant for each share
warrant exercise price RM0.75
warrant fair value price RM0.3026
warrant expiry duration 8 years

Opening of application 24/07/2014
Closing of application 04/08/2014
Balloting of applications 07/08/2014
Allotment of IPO shares to successful applicants 11/08/2014
Tentative listing date 15/08/2014


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