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I have an old domain name Nodir.com which is online but do nothing except an old boring web directory with few links in it. An advertising client on my other website one day asked me why the click-through to his campaign was a little ‘low’ and he wanted me to suggest some solutions.

Surprised by the ‘low’ figure of the click-thorugh mentioned by the client, I decided to write my own tracking tool. I think it’s getting better that I decide to share it with other webmaster or even advertisers. Take a look at my own short URL and tracking service at nodir.com.

It is a simple web marketing tool. A combination of short URL and tracking module would be sweet, I think. And there it is. Get any URL. Possibly a URL where your landing page for Google Adwords campaign, or any other online advertisement space. Any clicks to the ads will be tracked, and I have a simple daily average calculation ready there. Now we can see how good the campaign is.

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