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Not so long time ago, maybe few years, I used to use a third party software in order to display a collection of photos from Instagram sharing the same #hashtag. The purpose is to add more fun to the event, so our guest can have their selfies or wefies on instagram, put a common #hashtag to it, then boom!.. their pictures are display on the event big screens or somewhere.

But few weeks back, I noticed that this service is not around anymore. Got info somewhere that Instagram already limit their API and that kind of operation is not allowed anymore.

But I was in rush to get the #hashtag display done. So I decided to have my own service for this purpose. It will be used in a single day, and our aim is to get it done at minimum cost.. or FREE. Ok I chose to have it done at no cost.

Here are the elements needed:

  1. A web server with public IP address (well it can be local IP, but as I said I need it quite urgent and the development environment and real event were different locations, so I need the server to be publicly accessible). Guess what? A Google Cloud VM will do. So I just pick one, configure with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). Make sure to have the web server running at this point so you get http://ipaddress/ working fine.
  2. Not to forget, install composer on the server.
  3. Then I need a fast script. I did not want to write my own, I need it fast, so I searched Github and found some good scripts for this purpose). Here is the script that I used. So I went straight to searchMediabyHash.php for this purpose.
require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

$instagram = \InstagramScraper\Instagram::withCredentials('username', 'password', '/path/to/cache/folder');

$medias = $instagram->getMediasByTag('youneverknow', 20);
$media = $medias[0];
echo "Media info:\n";
echo "Id: {$media->getId()}\n";
echo "Shortcode: {$media->getShortCode()}\n";
echo "Created at: {$media->getCreatedTime()}\n";
echo "Caption: {$media->getCaption()}\n";
echo "Number of comments: {$media->getCommentsCount()}";
echo "Number of likes: {$media->getLikesCount()}";
echo "Get link: {$media->getLink()}";
echo "High resolution image: {$media->getImageHighResolutionUrl()}";
echo "Media type (video or image): {$media->getType()}";
$account = $media->getOwner();
echo "Account info:\n";
echo "Id: {$account->getId()}\n";
echo "Username: {$account->getUsername()}\n";
echo "Full name: {$account->getFullName()}\n";
echo "Profile pic url: {$account->getProfilePicUrl()}\n";

4. I could not get the above code working at first, until I commented out this line:


5. Customizing an HTML file to self refresh every 5 minutes, so It will fetch newly tagged photos as long as the event is running.

6. To make it better look, I used WOWSlider. It’s a windows standalone program, so I get it running, picked a template and have it run on some dummy photos, then configured the given code to fetch photos from Instagram.

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