Malaysia unlimited mobile plan revisited

It’s time for a refreshment for new mobile plans – the unlimited packages. When it is unlimited it means particularly unlimited data, calls & should be the SMS too! Here is the link for 2018 compilation.

Now let’s take a look on 2019 unlimited mobile data plans from some of our Celcos:

DIGI offers unlimited mobile data in 2 plans:

  1. Postpaid 100 Infinite – RM100/monthly, unlimited calls, 300 SMS (data capped at 10 Mbps speed)
  2. Postpaid 150 Infinite – RM150/monthly, unlimited calls, 1000 SMS (LTE data speed)

Celcom does not offer any unlimited mobile data plan, the best nearest plans are:

  1. Gold Supreme 50GB – RM128/monthly, 25GB weekday + 25GB weekend, unlimited calls
  2. Platinum 60GB – RM148/monthly, 30GB weekday + 30GB weekend, unlimited calls
  3. Platinum Plus 100GB – RM188/monthly, unlimited calls

Maxis is a little bit on the higher side when it is compared to pricing from others:

  1. MaxisONE Plan 158 – RM158/monthly, 50GB data, unlimited calls & SMS
  2. MaxisONE Plan 188 – RM188/monthly, 60GB data, unlimited calls & SMS

However if you need the best alternative for unlimited package in term of ‘wallet consideration’, consider Unifi Mobile:

  1. Unifi Mobile 99 – RM99/monthly, unlimited data, calls & SMS
  2. Unifi Mobile Jasa Pack – RM59/monthly, unlimited data, calls & SMS (for government servants & SME employees)

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