Maybank – BullionVault: 12 hours funding


After the last problematic TT process from Maybank to Bullionvault, today for the first time I tried the online TT facility provided by Maybank2u. It was such a pleasure to learn that the overall funding process only took 12 hours. Having it done before 12.00 noon probably does help.

The cost for online TT is only RM10 (about US$2.80), deducted from my Maybank account. The maximum transfer amount is RM10,000. Checking the net amount credited tomy BullionVault account I found that the intermediary bank charged me another US$23. Well, nothing free nowadays 😉

And don’t forget about storage fee. If you have about US$5000 gold value in any vaults with BullionVault, there will be a minimal fee of US$4/month for the custody. Be sure to be in profit, considering the spread and also custody fee.

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