Sadly, this site is moving out from Exabytes

I have been with Exabytes for more than 8 years. There were ups and downs, but overall I like this hosting company very much. I don’t know much about Exabytes, but I think they are good and very much recommendable. What I like most? Reliability and response time to my emails.

Why am I leaving? I take very serious attention to the packaging too. Look at this packages:

Ebiz Plus RM269.00, after less RM193.68
Ebiz Gold RM399.00, after less RM287.28
Ebiz Gold Unlimited RM449.00, after less RM291.85

I think I have tried shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server from Exabytes and generally I think they are good in customer service.

After less pricing is awarded to a so-called new customer, or new hosting and does not apply on renewal. Renewal will come under normal pricing. So when I picked Ebiz Gold Unlimited in 2011 at RM291.85, I cannot renew with same price but RM449.00. However there is a trick, I did not do renewal but subscribed to a new package so that I will get RM291.85. I just need to do manual files transfer between old and new server, so that what I did in 2012. I think Exabytes know about this.

So this year, there was a need for renewal again, so I asked the sales team whether I can do it with after less price. Of course they refused, but generously offer me 5% discount for loyalty.

Yeah I think I want to try some other host. I don’t want to do the “open new account” trick again this year. Why? Because I think if they can afford to let me do the trick, they can afford to let me do account renewal for lower price too. It will speed things up, save my time and easy. Why bother to let the customer do this and that thus making things complicated.

Well I don’t blame Exabytes for this, it might be their sales strategy or so. I just hope to give an honest feedback.

Anyway, I still have another account with Exabytes but don’t think to switch over yet. I might be coming to Exabytes again later. I am not going to save few bucks, but I think they need to enhance the process.

By this time, this new post is the first after files migration.

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  1. Basri MY 27/05/2013 at 5:20 pm

    server luar lah pulak

  2. Alarmist 22/05/2013 at 10:58 am

    skang pakej mane lak boss


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