Streamyx router D-Link DSL-2640B firmware upgrade

So I got the need to upgrade the firmware of my ADSL router. Found this link for latest D-Link firmwares.

I downloaded Version 1.00 (26/6) and got it uploaded to the router.

Everything works well, except that I think this upgrade is useless:

1. I lost the capability to have virtual wireless networks ( you know multiple network names with multiple permission but using only single router).

2. The initial idea for me is to fix the Dynamic DNS, because the last firmware I got the DDNS not updating (, so I thought it will be fixed in latest firmware.

3. I lost the TM built-in settings, need to fix it manually (yeah including lovely tmadmin username which is reset to admin).

So just don’t do it except there is a strong need to upgrade the firmware.

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  1. bos…macam mana nak selesaikan masalah wireless firmware 1.0 ? tablet ngan laptop x dapat detect…

  2. DSL-2640B
    Board ID: DSL-2640B
    Software Version: GE_1.07
    Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-5.12
    Wireless Driver Version:

    ini firmware paling recent ke? modem saya intermittent…pffft

  3. hehee.. naseb bek den x buat laei.. bos ada cara nak tembak parabola yg “kampung tanpa wayar” pakai tu.. apa nama da lupa.. sbb dia duk tembak sebar trojan plak.. bkn bg wifii… huhu

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