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Exabytes Windows VPS – Final Review

This would be my last review for the Exabytes Windows VPS. I have subscribed to 3-months free trial VPS since 20th June 2010. It has been more than a month and I think it’s quite a fair period for a review. I have been writing few posts about Exabytes Windows VPS before, so this article […]

Exabytes VPS Try & Win Evaluation Day #3

Hosting service review MUST be accompanied by side-by-side comparison against their closest competitors. So I decided to compare Exabytes Windows VPS with the plans offered by Shinjiru, Acme & IpServerOne. It should be fun to know what the others are also offering us. This comparison is based on 1 common measure, that is the range […]

Exabytes VPS Try & Win Evaluation Day #2

It’s not really my second day with Exabytes Windows VPS, it’s rather my second entry in my series of evaluation. I googled around, looking for what do people expect from a windows VPS. Let me share some points, and put Exabytes Windows VPS in focus. 1) Pricing Exabytes offers 3 different pricing that are RM119, […]

Exabytes VPS Try & Win Evaluation Day #1

Okay let me be honest, I am quite interested to take the challenge by Exabytes. This Malaysian web hosting company is asking their clients to evaluate their new Windows VPS plan. Let me be brief on the plan, there are 3 plans available; VPS1 Windows 25G space, 250G bandwidth, RM119/m VPS2 Windows 50g space, 500G […]