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I got to know about TiltViewer from Visual-Blast. Thanks to the author for the useful information.

TiltViewer is a free flash application by Airtight Interactive for online picture gallery. At first, I thought I need to reupload my gallery to my web hosting account in order for TiltViewer to work, but I found out that it’s using an XML file so that picture URLs can be inserted there. Well in that case I can generate the XML file using PHP script which will take PicasaWeb RSS as an input.

So what do you need in order to be able to show-off your album PicasaWeb albums gallery using TiltViewer?

1. TiltViewer.
2. MagpieRSS.


1. Upload TiltViewer to your web hosting.
2. Upload MagpieRSS into the folder. I created separate “magpie” subfolder.
3. You need to create index.php, album.php and xml.php

Download PHP Files

Demo Here

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