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WordPress backup is a must for everyone, just in case a deadly disaster happen. A good backup plugin should be able to backup the whole site together with the database, local backup and offsite backup. It should be automatically run and also allow manual action. Based on WPBeginner post, I went through some of the available backup options and all of those options are very good. But I don’t want to pay, so I wrote my own plugin.

Price: $80/year
Features: Complete WP backup, scheduled/automatic, offsite storage, restore

Price: $70
Features: Able to handle big files, external database, many storage options, scheduling

Price: Free
Features: Scheduling, backup whole site, able to exclude folders

Spesel WP Backup
Price: n/a
Features: Scheduling, backup whole site, able to exclude folders, local backup, upload to Dropbox (soon FTP too), delete from Dropbox after X days, delete files locally after X versions

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