Basri Mahayedin

I am a freelance web coder and ICT solutions integrator. People hire me for specific tasks coding, custom module, CMS customization, script modification, e-commerce and web development.

I work full time in sales consultancy team with Malaysian GLC telecommunication company in Kuantan specializing in data and internet connectivity, office communication, ICT solutions and smart services.

What Do I Do?

Web Design & Coding

Start your dream web application from scratch or customize your favourite CMS with specific functions.

Mobile Apps

Reach greater audience with mobile applications on any platform whether iOS or Android.


Start selling online and accept payment direct to your bank accounts.

System Integration

Integrate pool of applications into effective working methods with your own rules and requirements.



Web Design & Coding

Kolej Pacific Kuantan

Web Design & Coding

Houri Design House

Web Design & Coding

Contact Me

Welcome potential clients to discuss further on your requirements. Please use contact form and leave your comment for my understanding on your expectation.

If you are in hurry, kindly text me via the WhatsApp link.

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