Amazfit GTR – further review

I am quite happy with Amasfit GTR so far. It has been few months of a good smartwatch experience.

Perhaps some little problems that I can share is that in term sof firmware updates and also the way it interact with Amazfit app on my phone. I have been trying to change the watch face few times with no luck. Tried to update the firmware too, but it just stuck in the middle of the process, looks like it did not succesfully download the updates.

The biggest problem happened today when the update process did not finish, but I cannot proceed further. It just showing a message “Please open the App, and
select “Check for updates” on the watch device page to continue update.”. I thought of having lost this watch functionality already because no matter how many times it was rebooted, it just came back to that same funny message.

To make it even more complicated, without realizing the damage that it will give me, I did Amazfit app uninstall. By doing that, I just lost the connection from my phone to the watch. Installing the app again did not help, unfortunately because I use different login using Facebook, while in fact I should relogin using Google.

Here what I have done, while the watch keep displaying the same ‘check for updates’ messagwme:

1. Check that phone is paired with smartwatch via bluetooth.

2. Clear the Amazfit app data using app manager.

3. Relogin using same method you did previously such as Facebook, Google or by email.

4. It will auto retrieve your synced data and resume the update process, or you can cancel it.

For now it solved my problem, managed to get latest firmware and got my watch faced changed.

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