At last.. the return of e-gold!

I have always put e-gold blog RSS in my Google Reader, so that I do not miss any news from e-gold. But I don’t know what wen wrong, I miss the latest e-gold news about updating CIP, CDD, and Agio fee. I learnt about it from e-commerce journal today.

Even though the author doubt if e-gold is making it’s come back for good, or trying to play some tricks for another new payment system, I will put my truth on e-gold this time. E-gold could have been gone at the time of it’s founder sentenced to home imprisonment. But why the system is there for all this time? I am sure Dr. Jackson wants it to be alive more than any of us here.

Let us keep the faith. E-gold will be coming back soon. Play your part. Login regularly at least once in a week to check if any new information is needed. Be co-operative and provide the details needed. It is understood that e-gold is trying to fulfill what the US government request them to do. If you are not planning to play bad, why it’s hard to show them who you are. Make it simple, provide necessary info if needed and I’m sure if all of us can do this, the sooner e-gold system will come in our way. Good luck everyone!

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