Best Raya Gift Ever – Thanks Exabytes!

I was on leave for Hari Raya since last week. My Kampong is such a peaceful, remote settlement, and the GSM network is not that good – so I missed most of the calls, and “Selamat Hari Raya” wishes SMS’s.

So you know what will happen when you switch on the phone after few days break, yes the non-stop beeping of alerts and notices of missed-calls, messages & incoming emails.

But what made me smile all day long yesterday is the only one email message from Exabytes – announcing the winner of Try & Win VPS Campaign. I felt so honored to be selected as the 1st prize winner! Thanks a million to Exabytes, this is the second time I won something with Exabytes. The first one was in somehere in 2007… it was not really a winning, but a lucky draw I can say. I’m still using the Altec Lansing speaker Exabytes gave me until now.

To Exabytes team, thank you for the good service that you have provided, I wish you the prosperity and good businesses. To this article readers, if you are looking for a good hosting company in Malaysia – it’s Exabytes. Well I don’t simply write this because they give me a Netbook, but honestly I think they deserve a recommendation. Good luck!

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  • ladycooper

    November 1, 2010 at 6:37 am

    So, have you started to use the laptop?


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