Etoro in Malaysia – my first journey in day trading

Admit that I did not put much effort to update this blog about my stock trading journey. It’s almost a year and I think am quite happy with my trading strategy and the return is quite impressive. Above my expectation. I am on momentum trading, my platform is Mplus and I trade BURSA only for now.

But this week might be a starting point for my new plan. I am getting into day trading. Not to leave the momentum trading, but as a way to diversify my portfolio. It’s like half of my portfolio will be on momentum, and the other half is on day trading.

So after getting myself taught with day trading strategy (self-learning, online) I picked Etoro as my new platform for this plan. Eventhough there are only 372 tickers for Nasdaq, but I find it enough to start this new plan here.

I found that Etoro is user-friendly, fast and sociable. I don’t know much about copy trading, and I do not plan to copy anyone at this moment. But for those we are in need to copy other people’s strategy, they have an option to do just that. That basically means if you do not know anything about trading, but you have some extra cash to start with, this is the place for it. BUT please be alert that Etoro in Malaysia not complied with our authority (SC) and any investment in Etoro is not protected by the laws. Etoro however is governed by some foreign authorities including Australia (ASIC) and Cyprus.

So just few hours before I was done with day trading (virtual account at this moment) on Nasdaq and the result is quite good. 1 green and 1 red, but total profit from the 2 is green 😉 I would try to run on virtual account for a couple of weeks before the actual one.

For those interested to know more about Etoro, get it here. Trading on Nasdaq with comission-free broker.

Some updates soon!

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