Exabytes VPS Try & Win Evaluation Day #2

It’s not really my second day with Exabytes Windows VPS, it’s rather my second entry in my series of evaluation.

I googled around, looking for what do people expect from a windows VPS. Let me share some points, and put Exabytes Windows VPS in focus.

1) Pricing

Exabytes offers 3 different pricing that are RM119, RM219 and RM319. Generally, people agree that we can get good VPS at $60 or less, which is about RM216 or less. So I think the 1st and 2nd plan is good already in term of pricing, and the 3rd one is OK since it’s best specs available.

2) Business reputation and customer base

With the current Exabytes serving more than 32,000 clients from both Malaysia and overseas and generating RM8.5 million revenue yearly, Chan has more to tell than all these commendable numbers.Read more.

That is totally awesome, and the reputation is not questionable. How many of those 32,000 subscribing to windows VPS? I don’t know, but there must be something really good with this hosting company that make those clients still loyal.

3) A good VPS provider will always come with 30 days money-back guarantee

Well, I don’t need to elaborate further, at this moment Exabytes is far better then that, they give VPS for 3 months for free.

4) Number of positive feedback

At the moment, there are no feedback yet for the VPS since it’s still in trial period, but I think there will be a lot very soon.

5) Number of domains allowed

My benchmark competitor’s plan does offer 10-30 domains per plan. However in my 2nd plan VPS trial, I found that it allows 50 domains. It’s good if you are planning to host multiple websites.

6) Control panel

Exabytes offer DotNetPanel. It’s quite convenient and very straight forward. I captured a screenshot for those who are looking. With the control panel, managing your domains and database is easy.


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