Exabytes Windows VPS – Final Review

This would be my last review for the Exabytes Windows VPS. I have subscribed to 3-months free trial VPS since 20th June 2010. It has been more than a month and I think it’s quite a fair period for a review.

I have been writing few posts about Exabytes Windows VPS before, so this article will try to summarize all of them in one full review.

My first post, was really on response time by Exabytes team, packaging and download/upload speed. The response from support team is fast I can say. In term of packaging, it is quite attractive with the introduction of 3-months trial, and latest published price is also quite good with 30% discount of a one time. The upload/download speed is fair, but it can be better.
Support team…. 9/10
Packaging… 7/10
Upload/Download speed… 5/10

My second post, was the result when I compared Exabytes Windows VPS with what the other will see on any VPS service. It is generally on pricing, business reputation, money-back-guarantee, positive feedback from current customers, number of domains allowed and what type of control panel. Exabytes does match up to this expectation.
Benchmarking to customer expectation… 7/10

Later on my third post, I compared Exabytes plan against plans by it’s competitors that are Shinjiru, Acme & IPServerOne. In my opinion, Exabytes wins over Acme & IPServerOne, but it need to reduce the price to match Shinjiru, or on the other hand keep the price as is but upgrade the specs to better one.
Exabytes vs. Shinjiru… 3/10
Exabytes vs. Acme… 6/10
Exabytes vs. IPServerOne… 8/10

My fourth post, was about using the VPS as a speedier torrent download machine. It means:- installing a torrent client, download some movies, and later download those files locally to your machine via FTP or a web server. Please take notes, Exabytes does not allow this. There was also some misunderstanding due to different interpretation of rules by different staff of Exabytes. At first, I was informed that running a seedbox is not allowed, but running a download client is OK. But somehow my VPS was cut-off from internet later due to the fact that running a download client also is defined as abusing the policy. Well that was OK with me, it was just an experiment and it has failed.
The VPS makes torrent speedier… 9/10
The VPS allow torrent client… 0/10
Exabytes being clear with it’s own rules… 4/10

My fifth post, was about using the VPS as a proxy server. We use proxy server to protect our security when browsing the internet. Normally a proxy server will make your connection to internet slower, but in this experiment it was not.
The VPS is good for a proxy server… 10/10

Later I reviewed Exabytes Windows VPS as a VPN Server in my sixth post. Please follow this post to know why does anyone need a VPN Server. In this experiment I found out that when connected to this VPN Servre, my download connection is a bit reduced and that is normal, but shockingly the upload speed was doubled up.
The VPS is good for a VPN server… 10/10

My seventh post, was about running a trading robot with Exabytes VPS. I opened a demo account and get my robot trading it day and night with this VPS. The purpose of using VPS instead of a normal PC is critically on reliability. Traders are not willing to risk their money for sudden interrupted power supply at home, so a VPS looks like a good alternative. However during my experiment with Exabytes Windows VPS, it looks like the reliability will be an issue. At least twice in 2-3 weeks time my VPS has been restarted unintentionally. The other thing is sensitivity. Due to the misunderstanding case where my VPS was cut-off from the internet, my robot stop trading and I have floating trades which risk some amount of money. This is the last thing any trader would like to hear from any VPS provider, and I think Exabytes should take this feedback positively.
Reliability for mission critical activity… 1/10
Staff sensitivity to customers… 3/10

After seven posts, I hope that I already give some pointers to the potential Exabytes Windows VPS potential clients. Remember, it’s hard to find a superb and perfect 100% service from any provider. What we can do is to compare from one provider to the others, and suit it with what we really want. My general satisfaction level with Exabytes Windows VPS is 7/10 and I would recommend it for normal daily use. If you do ever need a mission critical machine, you might want to consider a dedicated server with a premium management service.

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  • Agnes

    June 12, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    I had been an Exabytes user for quite a long time now. Exabytes provide superb technical support and customer service. It has been an enjoyable experience working with Exabytes. Recently, I also purchased their domain! You may check out the website below for their Ramadan Promo before it ends.

    • Agnes

      June 12, 2018 at 2:59 pm

      Their Ramadan Promo is really a good deal ! I bought domain and get a FREE .BLOG domain ! Should check it out before it ends

  • Martin

    December 1, 2012 at 1:18 am

    shinjiru is a just a shit and cheap company

  • Victor Floyd

    July 16, 2012 at 11:18 am

    I think Shinjiru is still better of the lot. Especially in contrast to other providers, it offers its services at a much cheaper rate. Then its customer support base is quite strong. Whenever I had any problem and the server was down, etc, etc… the issue was resolved within no time of its arising. Exabytes has its own problems and limitations which bug the customers quite often.

  • Chad Hayes

    July 2, 2012 at 3:26 am

    I would prefer Shinjiru largely because of the price issue. Shijiru offers the same service with same specs at more or less the same quality and enhanced support at much better rates than Exabytes. Then Shinjiru shows immense flexibility when it comes to dealing with customers.

  • Adrian Johnson

    June 9, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Not only the price should be reduced down drastically to try to meet up with Shinjiru but they would also have to increase their uptime and especially their customer support which by all means is earning them a bad name. Their servers are always down and the support staff sleeps at night time. Comparing it with Shinjiru, they too have many problems but at least their support staff is available all day and night eve on public holidays.

  • Rueben Bergmark

    August 2, 2011 at 1:22 am

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