Hosting with Exabytes

I just came back from Tioman when I noticed a piece of notes from PosLaju that they have something for me. Since I was away from home, the carrier guy could not deliver it for me.

So I went to the PosLaju today and get a little surprised knowing that Exabytes just sent me a cool t-shirt. Hosting a website and get a t-shirt is not bad, huh? Well I nearly forgot that I picked a hosting package from them during their promotional period. It was called 7 wonder, featured here and here. Thanks!

Hmm.. did I mention that I had once get a free Altec Lansing speaker from Exabytes? That was because I got quite lucky at that time and had my name in the winners list. Ever heard of Host-And-Win contest from Exabytes? Here it is. Owh, I still got my name here 🙂

That’s it. I signed up for the affiliates account with Exabytes today and if you are looking for good and affordable hosting provider – Exabytes is a good choice. Well I have been hosting with them for few years, pesonally I think they are good in term of customer orientation and your money just worth the support and service given. Bad experience? I had once or twice, but not worth mentioning them here. Nobody is perfect, but they are good.

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