Moving files to another hosting provider

There are few ways to quickly move from one hosting provider to another. Some of them:

1. Manually download via FTP client, and upload them to new host

2. The quicker one, do it over SSH command line

Okay for 2nd option, I will need SSH access both for old server and new server.

Then I will do database backup & restore. More of it here. But how do I transfer the database? After dumping it, I just put it on my old website and start downloading it from new server using WGET command.



File dump1.sql will be saved to current directory and restoration of database can be done from there.

Later I will start to transfer my files. What I will need is to compress the whole directory into a single tar file. For example:

tar -zcvf myfiles.tar.gz public_html

I will put myfiles.tar.gz to my old site and it’s now downloadable.

Then via the SSH at new server, I will get the file with:


After download complete, I will need to uncompress it:

tar -zxvf myfiles.tar.gz

Later I will need to change the owner and group of the files with:

chown -R [user] public_html
chgrp -R [group] public_html

I will then move the files to user folders.

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