MYNIC user interface is getting better, but still not so good


Mynic, the national registrar. It is the governing body of the Malaysian TLDs. The last time I logged on to Mynic was last year, to update the name servers of one of my domains.

And then yesterday is a revisit time. The feel and experience from the user interface is still the same – it just not up to the satisfaction level at all. I mean, what do you expect from a domain registrar website? Nothing fancy, but just a smooth and easy to navigate for the sake of updating latest information to the domains. And with that very minimum expectation, I still find myself struggling between the navigation menu.

The first difficulty for me is to find a list of my own domain. The search box is not friendly enough, it won’tell me either my input is wrong or right, and I was left in the dark on how to proceed further.

Second, in order to modify name servers I need to click few times until the final screen. I mean, what is the need of putting the user through a long journey while it can be cut short?

Mynic team, I know you can make it better.

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