WhatsApp is missing one important major feature

WhatsApp now at it best, what else that we want from it? It’s easy to use, it’s free, it’s light, it’s fast etc whatever we can imagine. Except one thing.

I hate to see some dummy asses in a WhatsApp group that I am in there too forwarding a content that I wish not to see them all. Yeah things like accident pictures with victim brain scattered everywhere, a murder video (be it a screen play or the real one), child abuses etc. Some dummy asses they don’t know to differentiate between their hobby of seeing that highly disturbing images with the general acceptance of others. Some options that I have:-

1. Told him off not to share those things in public
2. Leave the group
3. Just pretend it did not happen

I don’t want to do any of those.

So I hope there is somebody in WhatsApp that is looking for ways to improvise the app to consider this:-

Let me quietly block any asses in the group so that I can’t see his messages anymore in that group. I still wish to see the rest of the messages from others, but I have specific need to block some specific asses from posting unwanted content in front of my face.

I think this feature is a basic need and it is pretty easy.

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