Beware with seller name “orlandosports” on ebay

If you are searching for a seller name “orlandosports”, I hope you will find my review is useful to you. I’m writing this to warn potential buyers that this guys is not honest in the purchasing transactions. Do your best to avoid him/her, and try to look for some other alternative.

I bought a golf driver on 9th July 2011 which advertised as “ANTISLICE SQUARE OFFSET DRIVER GOLF CLUB + FREE HYBRID”. The item ID is 350475267149. It is also advertised as “NEW ANTISLICE SQUARE OFFSET HiMOI DRIVER GOLF CLUB HEAD”. I’m putting the product name so that anyone search for the product name might be getting this warning too.

About 2 weeks later, I got the item delivered to me. But how unfortunate, after a few rounds of driving range session, the driver head just broken. Looks like a quality issue.

So I sent a message to “orlandosports” asking for a replacement. I was requested to send the driver head back to USA. To do this, I need to pay the service charge for dismantling the driver head and also the courier charge to USA. Since Mr/Ms Orlandosports has agree to reimburse everything, I just did it without any hesitation. I sent it to:

o. sports
632 bellevue ave
clawson, mi 48017

The item was sent on 14 August 2011.

On 8th Sep 2011 I have the last communication with “orlandosports” which mention the replacement will reach me within 2-10 days, which suppose to be on 18th Sep and my messages later were not answered. Until this warning is written, I have not received any updates from “orlandosports”.

So I guess there goes my driver. I cannot write any bad feedback to the seller since the limit is only within 45 days which ended on 23 August 2011. The possibility is that, the seller just pretend to send a replacement but at the same time buying a time to avoid me giving him/her bad feedback.

Please be aware of this guy.


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