Exabytes VPS Try & Win Evaluation Day #4

Using a windows VPS for speedier torrents download

Peer-to-Peer program, be it a server or a client, is not allowed on Exabytes network.
On July 8th, I received an email regarding my experiment. I would like to emphasize that any P2P is not allowed on Exabytes network. As such, my VPS has been isolated for few hours and my access has been restored after that. I was more than happy remove utorrent client from the VPS. It was a misunderstanding. So guys, no P2P ok?

We found that there was BitTorrent session within your VPS. FYI, it could congest our network and peer to peer sharing protocol such as BitTorrent is highly prohibited as per mentioned at http://www.exabytes.com.my/about/legal/aup.php#Peer to peer . Thus, I have disabled your VPS connection. Please return to us for further clarification.


I must admit that I’m not so much torrents fan. I would normally use premium rapidshare account for downloading purposes. It’s about RM30 for 1 month, fair enough.

However, I used to hear about bandwidth throttling by Malaysian ISP to their broadband subscribers. Meaning running a torrent client like utorrent will be very much unpleasant experience, it is said to be freaking slow.

So since I’m now on a free Windows VPS by Exabytes, I just give it a try, and the result looks good.


Why wait, try it for yourself.

I received an answer from Exabytes support (in 15 minutes, they are fast right?) saying that running a torrent client is allowed, however providing P2P service (website,content) is prohibited.

I’m sorry that torrent site is not allowed . You may have a check on http://www.exabytes.com.my/about/legal/aup.php#Peer%20to%20peer . Anyway, you may use torrent client on the server such as the one mentioned.

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