Exabytes VPS Try & Win Evaluation Day #5

Using Windows VPS as a proxy server

Few reasons that I do really love having a VPS are;

1. I can run my application 24/7 without every worrying of electricity bill and a sudden blackout at home
2. Making it as a personal proxy server, so I can log in to Facebook during office hours (not really ;))

People may argue the #2, why not using free public proxy server? First, they are not so reliable. Second, I don’t want strangers to study my data that passing their servers.

That’s it. Now I’m on a Windows VPS and started by installing a proxy server. Installation is simple, so I don’t want to cover it here.

These are the speedtest result which I run it here. I’m using mozilla firefox. This is the comparison of speed before and after my local PC is configured to use proxy server at my VPS box.

New York – before

New York – after

San Francisco – before

San Francisco – after

Atlanta – before

Atlanta – after

Chicago – before

Chicago – after

Based on this result, I found out that using proxy server hosted at Exabytes VPS does not slowing down my internet connection (which normally a proxy server will do). I’m not sure why, perhaps it is because the client and the server is within same region (remember I’m not a networking guy, so my best bet is a guess).

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