Filesonic plugin for Rapidleech & Unrar

If you are new to Rapidleech just like me, then getting things work error-free is quite a headache.

I signed up to the package offered by where their ads saying the script support Filesonic, and I thought I will be using it hassle free. No, it was not. The first use, and I picked “use premium account” I got the error saying:

Error logging in – are your logins correct?

Okay, I was not sure what it was about. I sent a ticket to support, they replied saying they need more explanation. I did explain later, but I think I want to try to figure it out myself.

So here is the steps that I did and it end up with a success.

1. Download a fresh copy of Rapidleech here.

2. Create new folder and upload Rapidleech script into it. Such as The first screen is configuration, just use the default and click save.

3. Then I checked on “List of Working Download Plugins“. Since I am working on Filesonic plugin, I did exactly what the first post said in this thread. That were:

a) Change rapidleech/configs/accounts.php

b) Update file DownloadClass.php

c) Update rapidleech/hosts/download/rapidleech_com.php

For (c), you need to again replace it with latest copy which can be found here.

4. Now the downloading from Filesonic is working, but you may not be able to UNRAR the files with the script, why? Just re-upload rar/unrar file using binary mode.

5. You might be getting the last error saying something about “secret key”, yeah… just make sure the file rapidleech/configs/accounts.php is not empty.

It is fixed, I get it up and running.


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