How to sync Outlook 365 calendar into your Google calendar

Some people wanting to have their Google calendar to be displayed on Outlook 365 calendar, but for me I want it to be the other way around. I need my Outlook 365 calendar to be synced with my Google calendar.

One strong reason is because I love using Android phone a lot. However the Outlook 365 app on my Android phone has it’s own calendar and it seems not doing well with my lovely Google calendar. I love to have a Google calendar icon on my Home Screen, and when I click it will show both my personal events from Google and office events which are registered from my work email account. Sounds pretty simple, but I tried several times it did not workout as I want it to be.

First method, I tried to share my Outlook 365 by inviting my Google email address, it did not allow it due to the reason that Google address is someone from outside my work organization. I guess system admin just not allow it.

Second, I tried to share Outlook 365 calendar to internet, and my Google account to subscribe to the calendar via the provided URL, both HTML and ICS version. I did this using desktop version Outlook 2016 (owned by my organization). It just did not work, I only got blank calendar. I went to the extend on checking out what is the content in the HTML and ICS file, looks like outdated events from last year was dumped there.

Third, I tried even smarter. I use Power Automate and make a condition that every time a my Outlook 365 calendar is updated with events, Power Automate will create new events in my Google calendar. It works, but not in proper way. I got a lot of duplicated events.

Finally, this is the one that works for me. It just the same as method #2, but I use desktop client of Outlook 365. It produced a shared calendar URL, but this time it starts with “webcal”, not “http”. Then I just configure my Google calendar to subscribe to this URL and it just works nicely.

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