Is OneDrive for Business really secure and private?

There were some guys offering very cheap Office 365 solutions around. It will cost you only about $2 and there you have online and offline office application, 5TB OneDrive storage and everything else offered by Microsoft. Is it genuine? Yes. I believe it is sub account under educational plan and somebody illegally and openly sell it to the public. It is quite tempting, considering you can get it all at a very small cost comparing to normal recurring of $99 yearly charge by Microsoft.

I am more interested in OneDrive. What makes me wonder even more, is it safe to host my files with this account?

Hosting my files in OneDrive sold by illegal sellers – yes definitely NO.

Hosting my files in OneDrive for business under legitimate account of my employer – YES and NO.

YES because if you are considering to sync ‘works only’ items, then it might be OK to have somebody with authority to have a look at your files without you even know it.

But NO, be aware that somebody is watching. Having your CV for new work place, or maybe just a complaint letter about this and that such a way you want nobody else know it or maybe some confidential letters to HR.

Microsoft published an interesting article on ways for IT guys in your company to gain access to files stored within sub accounts of OneDrive for business. It was confirmed by Microsoft staff during my chat session yesterday.

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