MyPicasaWeb – PicasaWeb to Facebook Bridge

Well it’s not really a rocket science bridge, but it does work if you are looking for an easy way to connect your picasaweb albums to Facebook profile.

I have this idea from my wife question, “Is there a way to share the ownership of an album in Facebook, so that when the other people add more photos, friends of mine who are not connected to you can also see the album as long as they are connecting to me?”

So I looked around, there is no “sharing” option just like what she need. But there is an application called Picasa Tab which is closer to what she describe. But she don’t want the ‘Picasa’ tab name, because not everyone knows what ‘Picasa’ is and nobody gonna see the albums in the tab.

So I decided to write my own version, using ‘More Photos’ tab name which is better positioned next to the standard ‘Photos’ tab. So here it is.. the bridge from PicasaWeb to Facebook.

Click this link and add the application:

Please tell me should there be any problems 😉

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